• Without the other version our world would be much poorer on comedy. It was a very inspirational movie, kinda. Ever thought about that?

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        • The whole ridiculous thing. The setup with the most unbelievable love story, why the guy had to drown eventhough there was enough space for two people on the float, many details. It was a perfect template for comedic sketches n stuff.

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                • Butbutbutbuttttt …. many Korean, Japanese and Chinese masterpieces are well over 3 hours long, and we love them. And not even despite their duration but because of! You feel every minute of those movies was good and needed.

                  “I no longer have attention for long movies.”
                  Your American-ness ain’t the Asians’ problem, no?

                  But okay, a mainstream popcorn product like Titanic could’ve used some trimming here and there. I only watched it once and was bored throughout. 😐

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                  • I saw Titanic in 2 sittings – the 2nd half, THEN the first.

                    There are very very few 2+ hour movies that I will bother to watch. I have 2 big queues of 2+hr movies but never find myself in the mood to start them.

                    Now I want 90min movies. But when I went to theaters, I was the opposite – didn’tbelieve in paying to see something under 2hrs.

                    How long is the newest Guardians movie? I’ll watch it – but only cause I know I’ll enjoy it.

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                    • No idea, stopped watching Marvel and DC movies a while ago. Except guardians and generally everything by James Gunn. In so far I’ll watch the new Guardians no matter how long it is.

                      We don’t go to the cinema neither. It’s too loud and too cold in the theatres. Only exception are Star Wars movies, no matter how bad they are. And I do that strictly alone since hubby refuses to join me in that masochistic hobby. 😐

                      Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

                      Star Wars – The Last Jedi, Second Viewing.

                      Solo: A Star Wars Story


                    • I dropped out of StarWars after JarJar. Haven’t cared since. I’ll watch superhero movies based on random things… known to be funny, robert downey jr (only the 1st IronMan), hailee steinfeld… mostly humor. And, so far, only on tv. I was hoping to see Guardians 3 in a theater but probably missed my chance.

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                  • Oh, also… I tend not to like Asian films, esp the ones where characters run through air (and such)… but also EEAAO and Crazy Rich Asians. Conversely, I love some Japanese tv shows (no anime).

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                    • The air running is kinda stupid and they know it. I guess it’s supposed to say something so we go “Aaaaaw!”. But I wasn’t referring to the kung-fu and historic epics but there’s a whole bunch of Korean gangster and spooky flicks that are just so sooo good. I saw the Devil, Old Boy, Parasite, The Host, and more.

                      Why no anime? That’s where Japanese shine the most.


                    • I don’t like anime, horror, gangster, spooky… just not my thing.

                      Parasite was “meh” to me.

                      I only recently saw Totoro. It was good but still not something I’d rewatch or collect or anything.

                      However… NHK Japan channel used to show old Japanese silent films at night. I LOVED those – cause I could never correctly guess what was next, due to not knowing Japanese fabels.

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                    • Well done on Star Wars. It’s a shambles. They even fuk up the TV series. 😮 We only watched one transformers movie, the one with the yellow Beetle and Hailee Steinfeld. I hear the rest is like totally stupid.

                      I never watched Totoro, it’s one of Studio Ghibli’s more childish ones. Porco Rosso, another old Ghibli movie, is far more interesting.


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