Hamburg Update

Although we’ve moved into this hotel already two days ago, today I made some shots about the spartan luxury of Hamburg’s most budget friendly hotel. Here we have the generous entertainment and office area. 😉
Always behind the times, Germany surprised us with really usable hotel wifi speed. Faster upload than download tells us, yeah, fukkaz are still on ADSL technology. Anyhoo, shit werkz satisfyingly.
The disabled facilities are super-duper tho. Bathroom is beeeg and the shower absolutely the hottest evarr!
Finally! What we came for and lusted after in the past 4 years: Matjes and salmon rolls. I can tell ya, the herring … so smooth, it melted on my tongue. =^.^=
Germany is electrified: Numerous electroscooters, sit-on scooters and even cargocycles you’ll find on every corner around the city. I guess you just need an app for your smartphone in order to jump on and go for a ride.
On the way back to the hotel we stopped by a Turkish kebap shop and noticed something completely new to us: Can it be our Turkish compatriots have a sense of humour?

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