Linux Mint 21.1 – Cinnamon – Minor Tweeks

The good Thor, you know he thinks about you. Yes, you especially. Orca can’t give any less fux but Thor is obvsly kinda fond of you and wants you to have the time of your life on your Linux-powered computing box.

Filmed in 1920 x 1080. How to tips for Minor Tweeks for the Cinnamon Desktop of Linux Mint 21.1 . Best viewed on large screen.

#linuxmint21_1cinnamonminortweeks #HowToMinorTweeksForLinuxMint21_1Cinnamon

0:00 – Intro to Linux mint 21.1 Cinnamon Minor Tweek Tips
0:12 – System Information & Overview
1:20 – Shutdown or Power down Now button
1:56 – Logout System Now
2:05 – How to Tips on Timer for Shutdown Now & Logout Now
3:30 – Tips on Font selection for system wide & desktop fonts
6:11 – Tips on Text Scaling Factor
7:14 – Desklet Scaling example
7:54 – Login Window tips
11:22 – Login Window Clock Format Tips
16:05 – Keyboard shortcut for activating the Calendar on Panel Bar
17:14 – Subscribe to Linux for Seniors

You are on Mint/Cinnamon, right? And? What you say? Good tips?

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