1. 💩💩💩

    You’d probably have more readers if you weren’t ‘TrOlLiNg‘ us all the time…what, from like over a 1,000 views per day to less that a 100 per day now?!

    You’re the ‘Queen of Trolls‘ — simple as ‘Dat…

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    • Karmi, firstly I have not the faintest idea about the number of my readers and secondly I’m not the least interested in those stats. Maybe once a year I check my blog’s stats for a new-year’s post but that’s it.

      And thirdly, and most importantly, you honestly think I’m trolling my own phuxn blawg?

      And fourthly, having a better, more educated opinion than you doesn’t make me a troll. In fact have you, until now, been wrong in all points in which we differ. For example: Using infamous right-wing fascist troll site Bellingcat as reference kinda disqualifies you from any adult discussion.

      I’d have – and once had – more readers before I outed myself as a neutral, non-hating political analyst and one of my co-bloggers found it funny to quasi deplatform me. Censorship = Weak government! So I’m not even sorry about the readers I lost due to that action. Feeble minds … pff. 😐


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