20 May

Exactly one year ago today Mariupol fell to/was liberated by the Russians. And today Bakhmut/Artjomovsk shared the same destiny. Wagner boss Prigoshin just reported the good news, Russian MoD will probably follow suit pretty soon.

Alex Chistoforou knows what’s going on:

Bakhmut under Russian control. Elenksy in Japan. Millie calls Zaluzhny. F16, new wonder weapon. U/1 Topic 965

I mean they took their good time to accomplish the simple task of taking a small – if heavily fortified – town. But that’s how Russia does, methodical attrition instead of blitzkrieg and bombing terror. And with today’s victory the collective West has lost its last chance to get anything out of any negotiations. Sorry my frens, the sour drops Ukraine is sucked. 😐

What’s next?

Zelensky’s unconditional surrender is the only way for core-Ukraine to stay its own – strictly neutral – country. If he still won’t get permission by Washington to give up, he will lose even more territory than the humble pieces Russia has already taken back. A loss for America and the EU, a win-win for the world!


Are the “Musicians” maybe a bit too euphoric?

Scott Ritter is a real expert, and he’s a bit more sceptical.

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