• ‘sup Neil.
      Let me try to understand: During that megamonster update did it update to the latest kernel automagically or did it install all the increments first? But nice to know we can neglect our machines for a month – or even longer – and nothing bad’s gonna happen to them. So we could go on vacation and hibernate our compis at home. Why anyone would do that I’ll never underst… Oh Oeoooopsy! My main machine is sitting at home, completely off everything! 😮 It’s hidden in the dirty laundry where no thief would ever look. I’m quite sure Manjaro will update just swimmingly.
      And even if not, I don’t keep any personal data on none of my computers so I could just reinstall and be up-to-date again.

      PS: Let’s hope your W10 will die sooner rather than later. A terrible death, full of excruciating pain and itches! Because we hate it! And becoz we can. 🙂


      • The updates installed first. Then the kernal. The 10s are just for an old bit of software, that won’t run on linux. Let’s hope the theives don’t read your blog, or like dirty underwear. Sounds like you need a floor safe.

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        • Just washed all our clothes before we left, so there’s only a heap of sweaty bed linen in the laundry hamper. Totally inconspicuous hidey place. BTW, I couldn’t say what installs first, the Manjo updates are the only installs I don’t do in the terminal but just by clicking The Red Symbol in panel.


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