Second Life University – How to Create PBR Materials

Whoa! This goes way above my stupid noggin!

Second Life University is a project that aims to teach people all about the vast virtual world of Second Life. Watch Boston Blaisdale as he shows you how to create PBR Materials!

Topics covered in this video:
0:00 – Intro
0:06 – Info about PBR Materials
1:09 – Log into the Second Life Beta grid to test PBR Materials. Visit the Accessing Aditi support page for more information on how to log into the Beta grid:…
1:20 – Modelling furniture in Blender –
2:27 – Working in Adobe Substance Painter –…
3:34 – Applying textures from Adobe Substance Painter
4:01 – Exporting textures from Adoble Substance Painter
5:04 – Importing model into Second Life 6:18 – Uploading PBR material textures into Second Life
8:00 – Applying PBR materials to the model
8:36 – Fixing transparency in the material
8:59 – Applying material and changing alpha mode to blend for a glass effect
9:43 – Modifying properties of a PBR material using the “Edit PBR Material” menu
10:35 – Searching the Second Life Marketplace for items that are modifiable
11:20 – Explaining and building reflection probes
13:01 – Physically Based Rendering Wiki:…
13:40 – Download the latest GLTF PBR Materials Viewer (just released 05/16/23) and teleport to the Rumpus Room region on the Beta grid to test out Materials –…

Video Production by @BostonB

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Second Life Public Calendar:
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