Ubuntu MATE Tour & Overview

I’m linking to this video so you can see how my beloved Mate desktop looks in action, not because I’m fangrrling over Ubuntu, ok?

Filmed in 1920 x 1080. Tour & overview plus tips of the Ubuntu MATE desktop. Best viewed on a large screen.

#ubuntumate #Ubuntu_MATEDesktopTour #Ubuntu_MATEOverview

0:00 – Intro Ubuntu MATE Desktop Tour & Overview
0:30 – System information & Overview plus tips
1:30 – The Alt & F4 command for closing windows
2:00 – MATE Overview & Tips
8:00 – How to install Applications in Terminal
9:20 – MATE Tour Continued
10:30 – The Control Center settings
15:52 – The MATE Tweek Tool
16:50 – The Doc Tweek tips
18:40 – The Control Center Continued
20:20 – The Top Panel Bar Plus Tips
23:17 – System Monitor
24:40 – Subscribe to Linux for Seniors

Typical Ubuntu: Those doofuses left the desktop in 2-panel configuration (top and bottom), something all the better distros (Mint, Manjaro) have learned to avoid. Needless to mention that your editrix does the smart customisation since 10 years. Still braggin’ tho. =^.^=

Thx to Thor for the video.

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