Today We Go Flyin’

8:09 o’clock in the mornin’, taxi is advised for 14:00, and we’re more or less ready and just waitin’ for pickup.

In the bedroom our clothes are more or less all assembled on a heap that we’ve built in the last couple days.

Our still empty duffel and the filled up tec bag (2 lappies, lots of USB sticks, external HDD, chargers, cables n stuff) ready for action.
Cleaned my desk. Only need to hide away the desktop machine – on which I’m typing this now – and the screens. The lekker stuff you see is bagels and croissants and rolls we eat since yesterday and today until we reach the airport.

We’re flying Lufthansa for the first time in ever. Not much more expensive than KLM but better times and route. Instead of Amsterdam we’re changing planes in Frankfurt this time, which is farther away but the connecting flight is leaving much earlier. So we’ll be in Hamburg tomorrow morning, instead of in the afternoon.

Oh no! Oh wait. Oubaas is still sitting in the parking lot! Me’s gotta drive to Koos’ workshop and leave him there for some maintenance. So Ouby has a good home in the next 3 weeks and we don’t need to worry about him.

So, in lieu of the ultra short changeover time in Frankfurt, this will be the last post before I report back from Hamburg.

But now, off I go to the mechanic …

I doubt we’ll get to fly in the A-380. But one can hope, no?

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