Linux Mint 21.1 – Cinnamon – Desktop Backgrounds Tips

Thors is a Mint expert. Good to know. And not only Mint but your favourite desktop as well. Cinnamon is really gud isn’t it? And with many wallpapers you can make it real pretty n stuff. Annnnnd … did you know you’re not limited to the wallpapers that come outta the box but you can import your own holiday snaps or art projects and show off. Like your own gallery or sumfink, so cool. Little additional apps, like variety automatic wallpaper switcher thing, give you many options.

#linuxmint21_1cinnamonbackgrounds #HowToTipsOnBackgroundToolsInLinuxMint21_1Cinnamon

Filmed in 4K. Two Applet tools for Backgrounds or Wallpaper in Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon desktop. Best viewed on large screen.

#linuxmint21_1cinnamonbackgrounds #HowToTipsOnBackgroundToolsInLinuxMint21_1Cinnamon

0:00 – Intro Linux mint 21.1 Cinnamon Desktop Backgrounds Tools
0:15 – System Information & Overview
2:01 – Quick overview of Backgrounds
5:00 – examples of Picture Aspect
5:41 – Play Backgrounds as a slideshow Tool
6:40 – The Slideshow Control Applet Tool
9:00 – Important tip on using active multiple Background tools
9:20 – The Better Backgrounds Applet Tool
14:00 – Recap
14:40 – Subscribe to Linux for Seniors

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