Before We Leave

… onto our trip to Germany, conscientious girl me reinstalls Manjaro Linux (bestest Linux) on UltraOrc laptop. Coz one can never make sure enough. 😐

Hubby otoh can’t be bothered. And he’s probably right. Using and abusing Manjaro on his very old laptop since the late stone age and never ever has problems. But I know it, if I get at things as laissez faire as he goes thru his careless life, my lappy will break and I’ll have to spend hours and hours on slow and non-trustworthy hotel internet in a rushed attempt of rebuilding UltraOrc to recent glory. So I better do it now.

You feelin’ me?


  1. You feelin’ me?

    — not beyond that Toy OS you are constantly ‘PiDdLiNg’‘ wid. 😉

    Y’all have a safe trip…

    a not-so-secret Admirer

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    • Toy OS? I thought EOS was a toy OS, and now the very versatile, comfy and useful allround system Manjaro was degraded to toy status as well?
      Can’t I ever do anything right?

      But nice to know you still admire me. 😉

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