Some Linuxy Musings

Mornin’ fraggelz

You know how I like to open these free-spinning Linux whatevers with a screenshot of the DistroWatch Top 5 or Top 10. So I’ll do this time as well:

The mostest exciting thing that happened lately is still happening. Fedora solidly cements itself into rank #5, Pop is out of the Top of the Pops. Hopefully forever. I mean nothing wrong with Pop as such but it’s more or less just a weaker alternative to Mint. Never tried it but I hear they made some nice things … but altogether, when it comes to innovative new shit, user-frenlyness and cool stuff, Mint is a powerhouse in Linux. Not just in Ubuntu/Debian environments but in Linux overall!

Below Pop we find the usual suspects we don’t pay any heed to. They are what they are and where they are for reasons. Ok.

I usually don’t pay much attention to incremental movements but for me the development inside the Top 5 looks very promising. Fedora is solid, Manjaro going slightly up. Prolly the long-term stability pays off time and again. The lovely Mint going up as well while the the Top 2 are showing signs of wobbliness?

Altogether we can state, despite the experts and beancounters are telling me how worthless DistroWatch’s Ranking is, the Top 5 distros are really where Linux is right now. Yes yes, I know on most of Linux powered computers around the globe we find Ubuntu … so what? Those are bizniz machines, only switched on from Mon – Fri, 8 – 4.

The truly awesome Linux users – ppl like you – don’t give a wet fart, they use MX, EOS, Mint, Manjo and Fed.

Because why?

Because all 5 are Linuxes for human beings. For gurlz! We can install and operate them without having studied IT shit, without having to be battle-hardened sys-admins, without showing any signs of geekyness. Of course we don’t have to like them all. Fuk nooo! I’d never even think about using MX or Fedora, and I’m off Endeavour and Mint.

For good. Once and for all.

Nevertheless, all 5 represent the best in field, in their respective Linux distro family. Need a usable, tricked out Debian?

MX it is.

Wanna play with Arch, only without the stressful installation?

Hello Endeavour.

Ubuntu with racing stripes and comfy cushy luxury?


Arch as easy as Mint, for people who need their computers for doing awesome stuffz?

Manjaro is for you … and me! 😉

Want a professional system, made usable for amateurs?

Don’t ask why, just salute the Fedora flag! 🙂

Really. There you have the whole userspace covered by just 5 distros. Who needs more?

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