Do Sanctions Affect Russians (Pt. 3)

First 2 parts you find here.

Poor naïve litte Eli, of course are the sanctions aimed at you and all the other little, normal people Russians. They are supposed to harm and hurt you and trigger you to do something you Russkies are apparently so good at: Start a revolution against your own govt, against the Putin administration!

Poor little schmucks in the collective West obviously didn’t notice Putin’s approval rate climbed from 70% to around 80%. So these sanction measures are nothing but a helpless show of their own butthurt jealousy. Coz Biden’s chances of a second term in office are slim and in Germany chancellor Scholz’ social democratic party only received, like, 20% of all votes and is with that low rate still the strongest party! 😮 And they will go down badly in the next election. And the fukin greens too!

And now, that the Wagner “musicians” are bringing the Götterdämmerung over the Ukro/NATO troops (don’t try to deny it, there are NATO affiliated mercenaries/military advisors fighting in Ukraine), they can’t help themselves and find no other way than to start the next round of suicidal sanctions. 😮 I would lmfao if it wasn’t so sad and hurting hubby and me as well and even more so than Eli. 😦

Let’s face it, people, we in the West, we’re ruled by human garbage, by scum! 😐

I can’t wait.

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