It’s the End of the World

… as we know it. 😦

Corruption, total incompetence, lack of funds, leads to extinction of hamsters. 😦
Resulting in loadshedding stage 6: 2 times a day outages of 4 to 5 hours! 😦 That makes up to 10 hours without electricity … every fuxxing day!!! 😮

It’s too much. And no sign of relief in sight anytime soon. So I guess the next round of countermeasures on our end is to be taken … not quite yet but upon our return from Germany. Talking about something like this:

Something like this would be enough. We don’t need any 24/7 power, as I’m mostly buying fesh groceries every 2 – 3 days and for light we have our headlamps. But we need more to not only keep the internet alive but to charge the laptops when they lose power. Time flies when you watch lotsa UToobz and always the latest H-wood crapola films. And for that something like this Genki powerstation would be ideal.
Or maybe better this moar powafullerer Ecoflow hi-nrg generator. I’m a gud gurl and let hubby decide. Ony know one thing for certain: We need moar powa!


  1. Can you guys see the photos? I get an error message from postimage even though I uploaded the pics and they were visible for quite a while after posting. 😦


      • Remember we had that same shit already a couple weeks ago, didn’t we? No idea who’s fault this is, only lil me’s innocent. Must be some spanner in the gears in between postimage and WP. Don’t you just love to work with profeshunalz?

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