Today’s Manjaro Update

Slowly it gets boring, right? But boring is good! Boring is perfect! We have got shitloads of werk to do, no time to nerd out on our poor computerz. That’s why we use Linux, why we use smart Manjaro!

Updated both my main machines. And in both cases the update went as smooth as a freshly cremed baby’s ass. New incremental Linux kernel version and all. I told you a dozen times before, and you know that Manjaro is a distro of the Arch Linux family (the delinquent problem child of the family) and as such said to be very very complex and hard to work on for n00bies. Buuuut since even the rather untechy Orca is a fan of this particular distro, it tells you there is nothing to fear from Manjaro. Manjaro is the dirty pervert uncle of the Arch family becoz it is too easy, not problematic enuff for the geeky geeks.

Go, get your Manjaro version – with your favourite desktop – today, install it and be happy for the rest of your life! OKAY?

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