This is …

… just a meaniepooface show of helplessness by the SBU nazis. Why arrest Gonzalo again? You thought he’s changed his mind after your first attempt to shut him up? You know he’s much too interwebz famous by now. If he ends up deaded or with even one single crooked hair, the whole world will know that you did it – and you’ll end up in the Hague. Yes, you, the backpack guy, you personally!
… stupidity and incompetence.
… a clear sign for NATO to end.
… a very explicit call for the EU to end! Once it was a nice dream and most of us, of our generation, were more or less glowing Europeans, even €uropeans. Until Brussels started to fuk it all up. Remove democracy, replace it with modern imperialism and neo-colonialism is not what the people wanted or expected from you fuxxers! And now stopping worthwile, important projects and investments just to finance a worthless fireworx? In a stupid fascist country that’s neither in the EU nor NATO? You krayzee??? The situation was created by our mutual frenemy, the USA, now let them deal with it!

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