Your Mint Becomes Blingey

I never knew Minty devs and users would put so much attention on how stuff looks. But ok, seems y’all are fashion victims. 😉

Linux Mint New Bling and Updates

Today we walk through the monthly Linux Mint updates including an estimated release schedule and more theme updates. #linux#linuxmint#cinnamon

Oh ya, btw, the next /04 release should be right around the corner! Sorry but I’m getting confused with Mint’s release cycle by now. Can it be they release less new versions than Ubuntu, forgoing the /10 releases? See, that’s why I told ya to get away from all Ubuntu-based Linuxes and schwing on over to – at least – Manjaro.

Install Manjaro once, never be bothered with releases shit ever again!

At least switch to LMDE, which is your usual smartypants Mint but with the much slower release cycle of Debian. Ok?

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