Second Life Spotlight – Anu Papp

Looking good and fancy and very artsy fartsy, right? Indeed it’s just a group of avatars – probably all belonging to one or two RL people – sitting on dance anims. And kundalini yoga, lemme tell you, is probably the lamest form of yoga I’ve ever encountered.

Nevertheless this is a nice video of a nice performance.

Today we are shining a spotlight on Anu Papp, an artist, musician, dancer, and kundalini yoga instructor who has brought her skills into Second Life with her own dance company, Muse Dance Co. Don’t miss their next show on May 7th! Read her interview:

This video was submitted by Anu Papp for her Spotlight feature. It is the official trailer for Anu Papp’s original production “State of Grace” choreographed for Muse Dance Co. of Second Life.

Video by @glynolaproductions1244   • Anu Papp’s – “Sta…  

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