Manjaro Linux – Xfce – Tips on Startup Login Automated Backup

Wow! Not only Mint, Thor does stuff for Manjaro users as well. Particularly nice since he himself has left Manjaro and joined the Garuda traitors. =^.^=

Filmed in 1920 x 1080 . How to tips for Backups on Startup Login or Logout in Main Settings using Rsync scripts.

0:00 – Intro Manjaro Xfce Startup Backups
0:30 – System Information
0:40 – Overview
1:45 – Tips on Session & Startup backups
4:00 – Examples of Backup devices
5:28 – Samples & Tips on a Script
8:00 – Demo of Backups
11:15 – Important tip on USB Devices
12:30 – Important tip on Folder Names
13:40 – Demo of adding Rsync lines to a script
17:10 – Important tips on Timeshift Application
18:00 – Recap
19:00 – Subscribe to Linux for Seniors

Now as much as I love Manjaro, is Xfce not my favourite desktop, and I don’t do automatic backups since I’m a noty grrl. But I guess everything Thor tells us here works same or very similar in Cinnamon and Mate enviros as well.

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