Linux Mint 21.1 – Cinnamon – extra Software & Synaptic Managers tips.

/me groans

Since you won’t be lured away from your fave Linux distro I may as well go on and relay all the good stuff about the Minty goodness to you discerning users. For example this nice video by the very nice elder gentleman Thor:

Filmed in 1920 x 1080. New user tips on Software Manager, Synaptic Packager Manager and the Terminal Install command. What is Alt & F4 & Alt &F2 commands for Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon desktop. Best viewed on large screen.

#linuxmint21_1cinnamonsoftwaretips #HowToTipsOnSoftwareInLinuxMint21_1Cinnamon

0:00 – Intro to Linux Mint 21 Software Manager & Synaptic tips
0:45 – System Information
2:06 – Overview of Software Manager
3:55 – Overview of Synaptic Packager manager
4:55 – Synaptic Package Manager tips
8:12 – Software sources
8:30 – More Synaptic Mgr Tips
11:55 – Uninstalling software in Synaptic Mgr
12:30 – Example of installing software in Terminal
15:27 – Special example of running SOL
16:14 – The Alt&F2 dialog box
18:13 – Recap of Screenshots from three sources in Linux Mint
19:30 – Subscribe to Linux for Seniors

Congratz, you now know more about Linux than I’ll ever know. You know how to install stuff from your repository with the graphical installer Synaptic, while Orca is still on primitive cave woman level and installs shit with stone age terminal commands like it’s 1981 or so. :/

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