Why Bother With Fcuking Linux in 2023?

Damn long time since I kicked off English Bob from my subscribed YT channels list. Hardly remember the guy. Only that I found his opinions too radical and his stance too wibblewobbly. One day Linux is the bestest evaar! Next day total shit and never again! So I kindly divored from him.

Until today when I found this cracking video on my YouTube first page:

Why Bother With Fcuking Linux in 2023?

#PCLinuxOS #EnglishBob
#PCLinuxOS #EnglishBob #BudgetComputing

There are many reasons people may want to run Linux on their dextop in 2023, cost, security, speed and a great experience, but here are my reasons the key word there is MY, you use what works for you.

Is he right or is he right?

I think he’s mostly right. Windows is a bothersome, wasteful system, yes! On PCLinuxOS I can not agree with him tho. But he does he, I do me, and you definitely do you! As long as you do you on a Linux powered computer all’s well. 😉

But wait! There’s more:

#PCLinuxOS #EnglishBob #FreeForEver #PCLinuxOS #EnglishBob #FreeForEver

Hi all as promised please find below the links you will need to obtain a copy of the amazing PCLinuxOS for FREE, this should allow ordinary Windows users a real alternative to the Windows Treadmill along with all the features and benfits this brings, enjoy all and I’M here if you need any help.

Grab The iso here : http://trinity.mypclinuxos.com/testis…

MD5 : http://trinity.mypclinuxos.com/testis…

Again finest hamfisted Linux propaganda. 😉

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