German TV :(

Exciting moments of the first Japanese moon landing …

We pay ~18 €/month for the quality information by official German TV. 😦

At least one of the moderators notices how it’s strange that the live footage is broadcasted from the surface of the moon. That the dust clouds and the lander itself look like video game graphics from the 90s doesn’t seem to bother none of them. If one of them wouldn’t have been notified that they are still looking at a simulation, they’d sell this shit to us as live footage of the actual landing. 😐

These the same guys telling us that Putin is evil bad dictator and Ukraine is fighting for democracy. 😮 Professional journalism at its finest. Another nice tidbit: “The dust clouds are normal because Earth gravity is much weaker on the Moon than on Earth.” Of course it is. D’uh.

And Moon’s gravity is also much less. Double D’uh! I mean nobody expects a rocket scientist to anchor a scientific programme but averagely well-educated people with working brains would be nice.

This better be the real thing.


    • Oh sheet! 😮 So sorry for both, the Japanese scientists and the American charter company they booked their flight with. I always hater to see dreams being shattered. Maybe should’ve booked with them Chinks or Russkies instead? :/
      For 2 reasons: Chinamen are just the bestest, so everything werkz exactly as planned; Russkies are too stupid to recognize their shit won’t ever fly – so it does. 😉

      Anyhoo, I was more interested in showing the inaptness of German official broadcasting giant to even interprete and report on what they see on their screens. And for that level of quality programming each and every German household pays nearly 20€/month. Yes, even we who dwell on the other side of the planet. And it’s supposed to get even more expensive soon-ish. For what?

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        • At least they are fuxn phree!
          Unlike the First German Television ARD, modeled after the BBC, with all sorts of politicians, churches and social groups in the supervisory board and with an educational mandate. And then they broadcast such clueless dreck. 😦

          Although I gotta admit, the landing didn’t happen. They lost contact to the lander a couple hundred meters above the surface and now it’s said it most probably was destroyed on impact. 😮 So the simulation was what everyone got, not only the stupid Jerrys.
          Here’s a blog by my fellow Second Life bloggerista Inara Pey, who has a regular column about spacey shit:


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