Will you look at this shiit?

Due to Germany’s and other €uropean wannabe military giants delusions of grandeur and blindly playing the loyal and self-destructing henchmen for @merica, the €uropean €conomy goes down the drain and is rapidly on the way into the shitter. Reason: Fuxxing hubris and complete failure to learn from history. Even the sicko problem child of global currencies, the U$American dollah, looks kinda sound compared to the €uro.

This never should have happened! 😮

So, why and how the fück did we end up with an exchange rate like this? More than 20 ZARand for 1 single €???

That is crazy! Totally out of whack. Makes not a shred of sense. Total Plemplem as the Gerries say. I mean, no complains from hubby n me as we live like the phukn king n kween right nao.

Right nao that is. 😐

Just yesterday spent a small fortune on the most lekker sammiches from Vida e Caffé. Becoz dey be so tastee. And becoz we (still) can. 😉

Yum! I mean, uh, this is mostly made from local produce, so kinda affordable, but you catch my drift, ya?

It can’t go on like this.

South Africa imports a lot of goods, and of course these goods will financially become out of reach very soon for most of our dark skinned contemporaries … and for us as well. 😦

Feelin’ like a yuckin’ fuppie every time I give into this shop.

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