A Mistress

… of 24/7/365 universal awareness and 110% laser sharp focus – Orca is not. 😦

She’s more of a dork, you see. Left automatic in Go-mode when I parked at a new mall …
… started the engine and Oubaas jumped forwards, against some “Don’t touch me” sign. As you can see I didn’t only dent the bumper but the front panel as well. 😦
A further glance shows that even the engine hood got it. 😮 My mechanic will love me. As if his to-do list ain’t long enough as it is. :/

Needless to say hubby only shook his head when I showed him the photos. Said nothing. Is that a good sign? Otoh we both agreed long time ago that the van is mine, so my responsibility. Also financially.

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