Manjaro Linux Is It Still “Arch For Human Beings”?

Asking me, yes it is! Good old Manjo is THE Arch for human beings. So, basta. Shut up now, install and enjoy it!


Traitor Troy, of eBuzz Central, prefers Garuda Linux over Manjaro, as he will tell you in his review. You can be of his opinion, join his camp, do whatever you fuxn fancy. As long as you’re on any kinda GNU/Linux powered machine your little Editrix is happy gurly.

Now let’s watchee the wideh-oh:

Manjaro Linux Is It Still “Arch For Human Beings”?

A quick video covering the newest release of Manjaro Linux. Is it still the user friendly distro it has been or are things changing? Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.

At least didn’t Troy join the camp of hardcore Arch Linux users who think Manjo ain’t Arch at all.

Technically NO, emotionally YES! So YES it is!

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