It’s the Right Time … Again

… to download and install Manjaro on you spare computer (the one you acquired from the goodwill store, outlet store or any other dirtcheap source of PC hardware) because “Little” Phil Müller has just released a new “version” 22.1.0 of the fantastic GNU/Linux distro Manjaro.

Release notes:

Yes, you can have it in your favourite Cinnamon flavour as well as many others. So no problemo! 🙂 This is as easy as eating pie or installing Mint. Only that you’ll feel better afterwards. More accomplished. And Manjaro not only loves you today – Manjaro will respect you in the morning!


Do it.

Ugh, fer fex sake … DO! IT! NOW!


    • It is, isn’t it? That’s the two best things about Manjo, at least in my eyes: The guys have not only created the equivalent to Ubuntu, only not in Debian but in the Arch verse – they also have a knack for producing the prettiest desktops.

      About the postimage fukky uppy I can’t do anything. It’s so weird as all photos are showing up on my machine and I don’t receive any error messages. 😐 When checking on my laptop – photos gone. 😮 And that thing is connected to the same router. But I didn’t show any screenshots of Manjaro, only the release notice on DistroWatch.

      Yikes! 😮


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