Inworld SL :o

Ya, I know. Shock! 😮 What bizniz does that stoopid bimbo Orca still have in SL?

Hang in, gotta tell you now:

I logged in specfically to abandon my little parcel and downgrade Orca’s SL premium acc down to basic. No more membership fees to pay – but also no weekly stipends and no land ownership anymore. 😐
Then my old friend Sunny (ForeverSundays) IMed me and we chatted quite a while. She told me about one of her friends having bought a lot of sailing sims, also legendary Mowry Bay on Sansara’s Second Sea, where she rents out cabins for ultra cheap. But before I wanted to TP there I just had to check Plum Gut where she also has some nice places. It was there I noticed this beautiful Fizz prototype. And while I was oogling the boat SL crashed on me. 😦

This feels so like early early 2007. When I came first into the world crashes and freezes where our daily bread and butter and we used to seeing avies crash left and right of until *Kräsch!* it was our turn to die, sometimes even leaving a ghost. 😮 So this snapshot I already did with Linux’s sreenshot function, since I couldn ‘t do anything anymore in the browser. :/

And now I’m too pi**ed off to relog. Maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow.

My SL Startpage shows Sunny’s already offline, me still got some monies but the stipends won’t come rollin’ in no longer from today onwards. Also gotta check my groups, since as a basic I can only have 42.


    • Total weirdness. I can’t see a photo on the title page but here in the article they are all there. But even more weird, I commented already 5 minutes ago but my comment disappeared.


      • Now I’m on the laptop: The photo on title page is also missing, and the photos in article are only showing a text message from “postimage: Image not found or was removed.” So weird. 😮


    • Whoa! Very nice and COLOURFUL!!! photos. Oh the joys of strong windlight sky settings. 😉 Once I’ve overcome my shellshock I shall beam over to Mowry and check it out.
      BTW, me just remembered Sansara’s second sea is officially called Mare Secundus. It’s connected to the Sea of Fables via the Mallard River. Or was it the Threemile river? How could I forget the names of the puddles in my old stomping ground?

      And you’ll never see “more” of me. 😉 I’m merely a very small-framed, skinny grrl without much of sexy curves … and not planning towards fattening up. 😐


    • Hun, you know you’re official crew of this blog, do ya? Maybe making race announcements via this tool and also publishing race results and some cool sailing photos isn’t such a bad idea? Remember we have a reach of at least 721 registered people receiving a mail every time Orca let’s one slip. Prolly 10 times that much in readers who can’t be bothered.
      And that even after outing myself as Putin’s not so secret agent in a rather unipolar Americentric environment. 😉

      And so can you. Post it and they’ll come! =^.^=


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