Wot happen?

You ok?

See it?

Mhm, finally some better distro pushed the stupid Poop!_OS of its rocker and claimed the #5 spot for itself. Now you can say about Fedora what you fancy – for various reasons I don’t like it neither – but at least it’s a real classical Linux distro. The public-facing faćade and test lab of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is, all in all, a much more worthy member of the Top 5 than the poppy thing!

Me, I’m just happy to finally see some movement in the Top 5, for it proves there is life in GNU/Linux. 🙂

Of course the ranking will probably be short-lived only, as it was caused by the release of Fedora 38 just 2 days ago. But let’s hope Fed will stick in that position for a while before that retarded Ubuntu-fork grabs it back. For now we have a wider choice of base distros to choose from inside the Top 5: Debian, Arch, Ubuntu, Arch-ish … and now RHEL.

All is good.


  1. Have already upgraded a USB Fedora 36 to 38, converted Chromebook wid Fedora 37 to 38, and have one more USB wid Fedora 37 on it to upgrade — then I’ll test doing a clean install. BTW, Fedora is actually the second used Linux worldwide…

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    • Fed and RHEL combined or just Fed? Congratz in both cases. What makes it so good you use it as default system, Karmi? What sets it apart from all the other delinquents?

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  2. Fed and RHEL combined or just Fed?

    Not sure what you mean — but it’s Fedora Cinnamon SPIN ‘n under the RHEL umbrella. I have Porteus 5.0 Cinnamon as my 1a Linux OS—light weight, *FAST*, extremely flexible ‘n portable. Fedora Cinnamon SPIN is my 1b—more of a full Linux OS ‘n more suited for a computer, e.g., my old converted Samsung Chromebook, but it is also quite portable—hence being on two USBs. Sparky Cinnamon is my 2a ‘n I have Manjaro KDE Plasma at #4, but not on any thing.

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