• Right!
      It’s a good sign when ppl are becoming aware of all the shit our glorious leaders having in store for us. And particularly nice if and when those protests are involving everybody, ppl from all walks of life, not just some political splinter group.
      And when the protests are spilling over into other countries as well.
      Completely ignored by the mass media there are huge protests happening in NL and France. Since months.

      Every time when normies join a rebellion it becomes a full-blown revolution!

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        • “will be exposed”
          Will be? What more do we need exposed to be firmly on the multipolar South-East’s side in this global conflict?
          I was with Russia and China ever since 2003 or roundabout then.

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            • I can’t imagine any exposures to come. The Ukraine lolly is already sucked, maybe it’ll be an exposure for some hardcore Westerners when they notice there’s no spring offensive gonna happen, ever. Or if Ukraine army tries any sort of offensive, how quick it will be subdued and they be destroyed. 😮

              Maybe, just maybe the Americans have something hideously hidden away. But since they can never outproduce, outman, outgun, outsmart the Russians in any conventional way we can only hope their sort of exposure will never be revealed. Coz you and I, we don’t wanna die in a mushroom cloud, do we? 😐


  1. Thanks to England and NATO — Ukraine has *FORCED* Russia to cancel the annual Immortal Regiment Victory march & rumors that even Victory Day will be canceled or reduced in size: “Putin Mocked for ‘Embarrassing’ Cancellation of Victory Day Parade”. Kremlin is trying to hide the ten’s of thousands of Russian troops killed so far, and they also lack the military equipment for the big parade.


    • Karmi? I can believe they’d cancel the parade. Not for practical reasons but out of decency. Nobody wants to see any parading Russian soldiers while their comrades are killing and dying on an actual battlefield. Parades are for peacetimes.

      And the Kremlin can’t and won’t hide the casualties, why would they?

      Also are you seriously suggesting the Russian military complex can’t produce enough ammunition and equipment to widen the SMO into an actual invasion if Zelensky refuses, or isn’t permitted by his American overlords, to enter into negotiations?

      Do you think Putin is stupid? I guess he knew exactly that he was duped and lied to by Merkel and Hollande, and NATO would never stop their slow encirclement of Russia. So he started the warmachine already in 2014. The result we see right now. Near eternal stocks of military stuff and manpower. Plus a betrayed people that is really really angry at us Westerners … like for realsies!

      As for the Immortal Regiment, they march every year. Come rain or shine. They march in form of Russian civilians in Western countries and their friends. If they don’t march this year it’s because they didn’t get permission by the authorities. No other reason.


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