The “Big Three”

Thanks to our Linux cheerleader and class clown Brian Lunduke we get to see some hard numbers about the professional side of Linux distributions. It’s darned impressive what giant business arose from Linus Torvalds’ student project:

What I, as a practicing Linux disciple, found most interesting is that Canonical/Ubuntu of all the possible organisations have contributed the least amount of code to the Linux kernel. That doesn’t cast a favourable light on the most used distribution evarrrr. 😮 Even Microsoft – yes, that Microsoft – distributed much much more code to the Linux kernel than all the other contributors combined.

IBM owned Red Hat is a damn huge money printing machine, and no joke!

Now I see the question marks above your noggins, my frens. Shouldn’t you install any of those 3 distros on your private hardware? Big fat NOPE! to RHEL, possible but shitty experience with SUSE and Ubuntu. Ok? But, by all means be my guest and do it. They are all GNU/Linux distros so everything goes. Knock yourself out! My last SUSE (Gecko) install was pleasant. But please don’t forget to take many many screenshots and let your fellow blogreaders know how it went for you. Thankies. 😉

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