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The Janus Manor is the home of the Clip Collection of artworks representing over 70 Second Life artists, collected by Chuck Clip and Jewell.

Chuck shares his journey into the Second Life art community:
“I came to Second Life at a very dark time in my real life. My world had just been upended in a number of ways, and pretty much all I had was my old Mac from college. At the time, in early 2008, Second Life was one of the first things that popped up when I searched for an escape and I was intrigued. What really got me to stay was learning to build and stumbling into the SL art world. Aside from uploading my RL art, I was a prim sculptor for several years before taking a five-year break, when my RL wife Jewell (we met in SL!) and I got together.
During a break from work over Christmas 2019, I came back to SL and started DJing. Just as the pandemic was starting to hit, my wife and I bought a sim.
It ended up being so nice, we felt obligated to share it, so we opened it up to the public. Then we entered into lockdown and I had more time to get back out and explore SL a bit more.
I was dismayed to find that a lot of the old standbys of SL art were gone so I decided to run a test. I grabbed an artist friend and had them do a show in what ultimately became the Janus Gallery. We had 45 people there for two hours and another 20 stayed for a third.
It was at that point I decided there was a hunger for this sort of thing in SL. I then went on a two-week, caffeine-fueled, almost no-sleep, spree of insane work. By the end of that two weeks, we had a large portion of Sinful Retreat claimed by 3D artists. So I added two more galleries.
And then we added an entire second sim called Angels Rest, which also hosts large 3D installations and live music events as well as the Candlelight Memorial.
For two years, we curated some amazing shows and hosted mind-blowing musicians and incredible poets. Some notable shows had attendance in the 90s to over 100 people, like the return of Filthy Fluno and a poignant show by the musician Semiina, called Unsolicited.
That eventually took its toll both financially and mentally, and we burnt out, but we didn’t want to stop supporting art in SL, so we decided to devote our home to sharing the art we had collected.
It also gave me an opportunity to get back to making my own art, which has been so wonderful.”

Video Production by @Draxtor Despres

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