1. Sorry.
    I’ve only been through that once and there was no set schedule. It only affected the office, not my home, and the breaks were pretty sweet! We’d sit in my boss’ office and watch cars driving though the out-of-service traffic light.

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    • I’ve heard about major outages in Cali and Texas. But those were probably emergencies, not caused by mismanagement, lacking maintenance, carelessness, greed and politics as it is here. 😦

      Weirdly they manage to deliver power to our neighbour Namibia very reliably. Oh my, hubby and me are really thinking about moving over there. 😐

      Anyhoo, despite their chaotic nature, Saffas have managed to come up with diverse loadshedding stages and schedules, so we’re always informed by a handful of apps about when the power will go out next time. Right now we’re in our suburb’s 10:00 – 14:30 slot. Next one will last from 18:00 – 22:30. Oh my. Over 8 hours today!!! 😮 This feels like 3rd world.

      BTW, I’m hearing some generators running inside the complex, and am typing this on battery power as well.

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