Testing a $100 Mini PC: The Bmax B1 Plus

Christopher Barnatt found a very very cheap but kinda capable little computer. The Bmax comes with Win10 Pro preinstalled but you can put on Linux as well.

Looksee if that is maybe something for you:

Celeron N3350 6GB Mini PC review, including specification, the included Windows installation, tests including YouTube playback, drive performance, and video rendering in Kdenlive, and a Linux Mint dual boot.

The follow-up video where I add GPIO to this PC is here:
   • GPIO for any PC o…  

The Bmax B1 Plus is listed on Amazon.com at: https://amzn.to/3XkzIJu
And on Amazon.co.uk at: https://amzn.to/40QKDNT

With the Celeron chip this is not a monster machine, and bad for gaming. Also it’s passively cooled so I wouldn’t wanna play in SL for longer than 5 minutes or so. But it makes a nice little Linux distro tester on the cheap. And is a capable home entertainer. So exactly what you always wanted, right?


  1. Nice catch! Windows 10 Pro, 6GB DDR3/64GB eMMC, and wid “DIY expand the additional storage with M.2_2280 SATA SSD”. $99.99 at USA Amazon — if I didn’t have computers ‘n Intel® Compute Stick ‘n etc. out my ying-yang I’d get that deal.

    Win10’s support date ends October 14, 2025 so no loss if you mess it up accidentally whilst testing Linux on it, and I doubt that Win10 can be upgraded to Win11 on that ‘Thang anyway. Download FlashBoot Free ‘n just copy that Win10 to a USB ‘n use that on most any computer if you wanted to.

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    • Yes. Those smartypants Chinks know exactly why they put Win10 on a brandnew PC. But we don’t care about such stuff anyway, do we? Put Linux on and live a long and prosperous happy life! If I hadn’t an outlet store not too far away from here, I’d feel tempted to get one of those Bmaxes myself.


      • Couldn’t sell them for 10-cents wid Linux on them. OEMs purchase Windows licenses quite cheaply from MS, and then the OEMs sell those unused licenses to places like VIP-URcdkey, KINGUIN, URcdkey, etc. I have Win11 Pro on all my computers — except converted Chromebook which has Fedora — and paid between $11-19.99 for each Win10 Pro license, then upgraded to Win11 Pro for free. Heck, wid FlashBoot Free you can get Windows 8.1/10/11 for free…

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        • “Heck, wid FlashBoot Free you can get Windows 8.1/10/11 for free…”

          I wouldn’t accept it as a gift. Win and me, we are happily divorced and will never ever be friends again. Not on my watch.
          I’d rather buy a Mac … for video editing n media stuff. 😐

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