Just Some Twats

… hubby found for my blog. Thank you, Darling.

Eeeks, eeeks, eeeeeps!!! 😮
Truthiness in both twits.
I have no clue about sportsball but supposedly this is funny. Boiz, what say you?
Aren’t Americans supposed to drive in the right lane?
NO PENIS! So no difference between right-wing girls and right-wing men. :/
I’ve watched some of her videos lately. I guess the reason for demonetization is that she loves to be Russian, and isn’t ashamed of the fact. Even worse: She dares having fun! At -40 C°. In Russia! 😮 Let’s burn the witch!!!
Terrible! But wait, there is an explainification somewhere down in the comments …
That’s too much! STOP IT!
I’m even cooler than Bernd, born in the 60s. 🙂 All the rest are wimps.


  1. more russian nazi twats. “Russia is for Russians!”

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    • What did I watch? Their chant Sounded like French to me, and the comment by the driver as well. Oh well, maybe it was Russkies or Ukros or Poles or Swiss or Dutch. All I know it wasn’t German.
      In what connection is your clip to the others?
      Uh ok, listened to it again with more volume … understood “Rossiya …”. Obvsly Russian nazis/patriots/nationalists in Russia. They don’t like all the Ukro refugees who came across the border? Not nice. 😦 But fortunately only handful of drunken idiots, not a national strike or something.


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