The Only Linux Update

… I dread and don’t like is this:


Lemme explain: I know, I know we all need an interwebz browser and an eMail program. And Firefuck and Thunderfart are, after 10,000 years, still best in field. No? We can discuss that but for me they are the most comfy. And that’s important. So, basta! And I see why you need to keep ’em up to date. As our PC’s internet facing front-end they are most vulnerable to attacks and viruses and malware and all that meaniepooface hacker stuff.

So, yes, updating we must! Mhm.

But still, once a week … like each and every week? And often they do eenie-meanie-tiny changes to the UI, mostly making things more complicated and needing one or two more mouseclicks. 😦 In order to justify their high salaries. Thanks but no thanks.

Listen, I don’t mind doing the update. It’s a 30 seconds affair and we’re done. What I despise are the next couple days. Numerous websites, forums, blogs suddenly don’t recognize me anymore and ask me to log-in again! 😮

Are you Orca Flotta?


You sure about that?

If you had any idea about how fuxn lazy I truly am, you’d suffer with me. And as soon as I’m settled into things – the next round of updates appears!

Lather, rinse, repeat. :/

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