Stage 6!!!

Ow! Datz baaaad!!!

I’m staying home today, coz it’s raining and coz I’m kinda lazy n shit. Perfect opportunity to empty out the whole interwebz, write 3 million blogposts and be a real role model netizen. 😦 But then, OMfG, see that? Blackouts from 12:00 – 16:30 and already again from 20:00 – 00:30. That’s a solid 8 hours without a speckle of electricity! At least. 😮

Told ya, easter time is over, gotta face brutal reality.

Hey, I’m not on this planet to face reality, I’m a cuddly widdle pwincess, a trophy wife, delicate and precious. You unholy fukkaz! You can’t treat me like that! The time with power is hardly long enough to charge the laptops for the second round of loadshedding. 😦

Please don’t tell me we gotta buy solar panels now, or a real loud and stinky generator. 😮

The joyz of living in the 2nd world. Mostest modern infrastructure (coz private enterprisees), administrated to death buy a corrupt govt. 😦


    • It’s only military time in the US, in the rest of the world every day lasts 24 hours. And nobody in Europe is fighting anybody, only the govt suckaz who wanna impress the WH and get a highly paid position after they fukked up the economy. Ukraine war is USA vs RF, no mistake.


      • inbred education system is another problem. no nights in the rest of the world? russia is part of europe and asia. tell that to the ukrainians.


        • Of course there are nights. But they are part of a 24 hour circle. Becoz planet Earf needs roughly 24 hours to swing around the sun. That’s why the civilized world has put the 12 hour day where it belongs: In the rubbish bin.

          Yes, Russia is part of Europe (at least the part where Moscow, Crimea and the Don bassin are located), and they know it. Unfortunately the old €uropeans don’t wanna play with them as long as they can’t invade and destroy them.

          “The partially-recognised Ukrainian People’s Republic emerged from its own civil war of 1917–1921. The Soviet–Ukrainian War (1917–1921) followed, in which the Bolshevik Red Army established control in late 1919.[10] The Ukrainian Bolsheviks, who had defeated the national government in Kyiv, established the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which on 30 December 1922 became one of the founding republics of the Soviet Union.”

          There you have your proud nation of Ukraine. They never existed outside of the SU! If Russia is stupid enough to get suckered into America’s war it’s their problem. Pleez pleez leave Europe out of it. OTOH, wot do I care? If even my own govt wants to follow America blindly into the doom, so be it.


  1. loud and stinky generator

    If you’re smelling it — you need to turn it off or move it outta your bedroom. 😜 Seriously, read the instructions about where to locate it. I have a fairly big one that I plug into a 30 AMP recp outside ‘n it runs my small hut w/o smells or noise.

    BTW, you’re living in the 3rd world ‘n sucking up what little resources those poor people have — in typical German fashion…


    • I have no sense of smell but isn’t that what everyone’s saying: Generators stink. I would never ever allow such a thing in my house. Our cute widdle bungalow ain’t a rotten farm. As the Italians say: “We’re not animals!”

      And where and how do I suck up any resources? We live in a body corporate where we pay for our electricity. It’s in the monthly bill. And we pay good money for it. Same as our coloured and black neighbours. Dunno what’s so German about it. If hubby and me wouldn’t live here somebody else would. Our complex is quite sought after on the low end market.

      And, please, don’t even think for a second we’d take advantage of poor South Africa. We don’t get anything from them. Quite contrary, we’re contributing to the economy: Taking German money from Germany, spending it in Africa! We’re such good peepelz!!!

      Aaaaaaand SA is not a 3rd world shithole but a fully industrialized country, on the way down due to careless idiocy and corruption.

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