No More Happy Bunnies

Loadshedding schedule for our part of the suburb for today: 8:00 – 10:00 (we came just out of it), then from 14:00 – 18:30 again (4 fuxn hours in the middle of the day!) and then again tonight at 22:00. 😮

Yes, Easter is over, definately. 😦 We’re in the full grasp of loadshedding now. And no word so far from the Western Cape govt or the municipality. No plans laid out, no measures taken. We little consumers are on our own. I know of 2 or 3 neighbours heavily investing in solar panels right now but that’s dam expensive. We’re happy with our powerbank, which brings us through all the powerless times without even breaking a sweat. Coz dat’s the most important: Keep da interwebz going!

Welcome to reality, little Orcsi. :/ I’ve decided to not even put the lappy away anymore but leave it on the desk and switched on! Will need it later.

We can survive a couple hours without hot food and drinks, as long as our laptops are going we’re well entertained. And lights, who needs lights? The powerbank also charges our headlamps, so we’ll find our way to the loo and to the fridge. And to the locker room in the gym as well, and open my fiddly padlock. I’m so happy I bought those additional headlamps the other day. Have 2 here at home and 1 in my gym bag. Perfect. 🙂

Lifesaver: Smol but powaful powabank! In front: that fibrethingie.
Smartest lifesaver evaaar: Fancy cheap headlamp! Thank you China.

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