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No comment from me. I’d need to see the exhibition and check it for historical correctness first:

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The Poland History House in Second Life is a historical project created as part of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence celebrations which started in 2018.

Creator Dex Euromat shares his Second Life journey and why he started this project:

“I started my SL journey in 2008 and have been participating in many educational projects during the years such as Academia Electronica – part of an e-learning offer for students of the Institute of Philosophy of Jagiellonian University in Cracow – and the Virtual Worlds MOOC conference.
The Poland History House was created as part of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence celebrations which started in 2018. In 2019 we also had the 80th anniversary of the beginning of World War II and the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.
Another reason I started this project is persistent stereotypes about Poland, like “There are polar bears wandering on your city streets?” or “Polish people? They did not invent anything useful”, which drive me crazy and I want to correct them.
If you enter the house, the ground floor has basic country information while the main exhibition is located on the first floor. You start the history journey on a timetable that has for now 14 tablets with 74 dates, starting around 800 AD.
You can also see the official Poland rulers tablet with an interactive frame that will tell you more information about a particular person.
On the roof is a holodeck. There are a few scenes prepared:
Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle
Monocrystal production for transistors
Oil raffination
Polish Mine Detector
I’m currently working on a scene describing how our mathematicians broke the infamous Enigma machine code.
The Poland History house is located beside Route 9 on the mainland in the region Madhupak, which belongs to Chilbo Educational Community.
If you and/or your community would like a guided tour with or without a historical overview, please send me an IM in Second Life.
In my opinion, Second Life is still the best virtual world, even when comparing it to promising VR worlds.
For people who don’t know how to use 3D modeling software like Blender, Second Life with its built-in prim building and scripting tools is the best way to enter a world of skills.
Second Life is also the best choice for making educational projects. It allows us to share creativity in many different forms.
The Poland History House is my personal project. It is not funded by any organization or government. However, if you find topics mentioned there interesting, you may donate some L$.
History, like science, is a process and there might be things revealed in the future which will change our perspective. I will keep a close eye on my project and update it accordingly.” V

ideo Production by @Draxtor Despres

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