Oubaas is Unhappy :(

Coz he can’t breath right and don’t get enuff fresh air. 😮


Somewhere buried under that plate of spaghetti is a carburettor. That thing belongs on a Ford Essex V6 engine. But there is no room to put a decent air filter on that carb, so he often chokes instead of accelerating when the sexy driver steps on the pedal. Not ideal.


So my darling mechanic came up with this: Some exhaust or sumfink pipe as a snorkel + cone filter = fresh sea breeze all day every day! = happy Oubaas! He’s gonna fit this in while his most lovely client tours €urope. Bonus: Ouby has a place to stay while we’re away.


    • Yeah, not great, innit? There used to be a very flat airfilter on top of the carb but that thing got dusty and durty in no time, so Koos took it off. Not good for the carb either I assume. But without any filter the engine should get soooo much air, right? So why is it choking? And I didn’t experience and backfiring yet. Quite the opposite, it just chokes and doesn’t accelerate well.
      Or is it sumfink wiff da ignition?
      Well, I’ll leave the durty details to you boyz … I just wanna go and look like I have a purpose. 😉


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