Buy Now!

Don’t hesitate, don’t ask, just buy!

Liebe Freunde,

this is a good offer. Latest and greatest Intel chips, even the cheapest version is powerhouse enough to drive all your Linuxy needs and gives you years of fun and real computing – in a miniscule box that will look good and sexy on your desk or stays hidden in the back of your monitor. Lots of ports for all your extensions are on board.

This ain’t a gaming computer (no GPU) but it should master an extended stay in Second Life as well as your old shitty laptop.

But that’s not why you should have such a machine. You should buy it, delete all remnants of Windows off of it and fuxn install Manjaro Linux and be the coolest geek girl on the block. This thing even looks the bizniz! Oh yes, bizniz: You can create the flyers for your lemonade stand, and do the accounting as well. Coz you can,. Coz you cool! The boys will love you, the bishies will envy you! And isn’t that what you’re living for?

Order here! Cheaper boxes also available.

Just don’t forget to only use the preinstallled Win11 for the purpose to download and install Manjaro on your new machine, only then it comes into its own and will transform you into a celestial being. Ok, I allow you to install Linux Mint but that will cost you kool points. :/

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