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Mörnin’ my peeps.

In case you’re wondering where my movie reviews are, and why I don’t post more of them, now that the post-pandemic movie industry is finally coming up with new material – I’ve gotta admit I’ve lost the plot. Lost my movies hard drive! 😮 Fukn thing broke! 😮 Guys, really, I’ve watched 20 or 30 movies since the end of the pandemic and filed them all in my ‘Watched’ segment on the external HDD, in order to do the write-ups, when suddenly … Bøøm bang pow! That fukn thing failed. 😮

Several tries to recover all the movies and TV series on that spinning drive failed as well. It’s the fuxn 3rd time this happened. Next movie archieve will be on SSD, I swear! They are cheap enough these days. But now I can’t even remember which movies I’ve watched exactly, so there’s a little ebb and delay until I can come up with new negative reviews. I hope you understand and can forgive my tardiness.

Orca’s watched too many bad flicks. 😦


  1. Dat suks!!! I actually keep 2-3 backups of — my backup. \o/ ‘Hippity hip Hoorah‘ \o/ 👌👍👏🤞😊 I have several listed items on my old Linux Newbie blog — TidBits ‘n Gadgets page on sidebar.

    The “USB 3.2 Type-C Enclosure for M.2 PCIe NVMe and SATA SSDs” is still being tested, but is expensive compared to other choices ‘n I’m not sure how it works wid Linux.

    The “SATA to USB Cable with UASP” is great if you’re moving to SSDs (not for HDDs) — cheap @ $11.49 to $15.99 in your favorite country. Fairly fast…faster than a lot of such…and works wid most Linuxes.

    SATA Hot Swap Bay/s are handy, i.e. a “USB 3.0 to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station” that can handle both SSDs & HDDs. Fairly fast also ‘n usually around 20-30 ‘GRINGO dollars. Works wid most Linuxes, tho not w/ all — only recall one it didn’t work wid.

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    • 2 – 3 backups of just media files sounds a bit exuberant. I have none whatsoever. But what me gotz is unlimited 100/100 fibre so I can replace any lost movie in a matter of minutes. 😉 Too bad I can hardly remember what I’ve lost. 😐

      “I’m not sure how it works wid Linux.”
      Plug n Play I assume. If not – it’s maybe time to say goodbye to your Ubuntu and join the happy playful Archy lot. 🙂
      BTW, I’ve got M.2 in desktop and laptop, no problemo. But I limited storage to 256GB each, and only keep system files and stuff I’m actually working with on my machines. All the rest goes external … which would be a clever thing if only I kept multiple backups. 😦

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