Orca’s on Drugs :o

I can tell ya, drugs are a helluva drug. 😐

Doc said she’s overdosing me for a couple days now, so we get a rather stubborn skin infection outta my system. Once and for all. The cortisone pills, I take 8 (!!!) every morning! Allergy pills (I’m not allergic to anything btw) I gotta take 1 every 4 hours, and the penicillin 2 tablets 3x a day. I also got an antibiotic creme.

Taking all this shit now since 3 days and still feeling A-Ok, no problems driving my van or doing sporxxcwghhyyyynnnlllllll /me falls into a coma …


  1. Sounds like Syphilis, or Marburg virus, or Ebola or a combination of those ‘n some other new African ‘Delight‘. 🤡 😜

    Hope you get better…

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    • Much more simplerer and stupiderer: In late 99 we made a little safari through Namibia, and one night I was badly bitten by bed bugs in a backpackers hostel. And since I’m highly OCD I just can’t stop scratching. 😦 Every winter, when I’m wearing long trousers, it kinda heals, only to pop up again in spring … and me scratching again. 😦 It’s more or less permanently infected and looks shitty.
      Now I get rid of it! Tabula rasa!!!

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    • Fuk yeah, hungry all the time. 😮 Lounging around at home with nothing to do over the loooong weekend than just eating. 😦 But Tuesday I’ll start training and fasting again.

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        • Sorry, can’t say anything about that, for I’m usually not on meds. And I don’t worry about too much food intake since I’m keeping my body fit; yoga, aqua gymnastics n stuff. Also rainy season/winter is starting now so we stay at home more and eat more. I’m a bad yogini and eat lots of meaty products. It’s the circle of life. 😉

          Oh, and also it’s time to get on our Germany trip pretty soon, and that is stressful and expensive so I’ll be eating less once we’re over there. Germany’s economy in the sewers so we won’t be able to afford many eats anyway.

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