Linux Mint 21.1 – Cinnamon – New user tips on USB Formatter & Image writer.

Thor, a.k.a. Linux for Seniors, has made a very useful video for all you n00bs:

How to tips on usage for USB Formatter & USB Image Writer on Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon Desktop. Best viewed on large screen. Filmed in 4K.


0:00 – Intro Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon USB Formatter & Image Writer
0:20 – System Information
1:29 – USB Formatter & USB Image Writer
1:53 – Overview of Devices
3:50 – Example of USB Formatter usage
10:15 – Tips on USB Image Writer
15:01 – How to clean up a USB stick
15:56 – Important tip on ISO image size to size of USB Sticks
17:10 – Subscribe to Linux for Seniors

From now on you can easily and quickly make as many ISO images as you fancy and distrohop with the best of ’em. Try out all the different Linux distros, spend some time with each of them, particularly check all the different Desktop Environments and Window Managers. Don’t feel pressured to end up with one of Orca’s recommendations, Mint and Manjaro are very good mainstream systems but maybe a bit boring for the more adventurous among my readers.

Orca does Orca – YOU DO YOU!!!

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