Linux is That Easy?

I’ve never heard of John Bolduan until I kliked on this video. What strikes me about it is not his technical expertise or that he did something particularly awesome or stupid. He just tried a different Linux distro, he distrohopped as we call it in Linux circles. As I said, nothing spectacular. But what I really liked is his approach to Linux: Like me, he uses his computer to be productive, not to play and experiment around and torture the poor machine to death. By god, and no insult intended, he even looks like a non-geeky, matter of factly got-shit-to-do guy.

I guess, I hope, most of you can relate to that mindset. Let’s watch the vid:

In this video, I’m sharing my story about how I went from Kubuntu KDE Plasma back to Linux Mint. I cover one of the problems that I couldn’t excuse and explain why I ended up choosing Linux Mint. If you’re looking for a new distribution to try out, then be sure to watch this video! I’ll share with you my experience with Kubuntu KDE Plasma, Linux Mint and how I ended up choosing Linux Mint over Kubuntu KDE Plasma. I hope you find this video helpful in your decision-making process!

Could he have saved his Plasma install and solved his problems?


Was he maybe stupid?

Dunno. Probably.

Does it matter?


Was his decision to switch back to Mint good and justified?


Coz, you know, we didn’t switch to Linux in the first place coz we needed a new toy, we did it coz we wanted a tool! A non-crashy, unproblematic, non-spying production tool. I told you often enuff, when any distro gives me problems, or just does look funny, I’m back to my old, true and tested distro in no time. I’m not fiddling around, not reading up, not doing research. Heck, we have at least 600 Linux distros to choose from, so I test them until I find the one that fits me like the proverbial glove. I’ve found mine – ages ago – so please forgive me for not doing mental gymnastics anymore when it comes to Linux.

And with Mint he didn’t go wrong. He used it up to one day before, and he was satisfied, so going back to that particular distro was the best he could do. And did you listen to him? He only needed a little over an hour to do the switch … on 3 machines! That’s great, innit? And although I would’ve recommended him to use Manjaro instead, basically you just can’t ever go wrong with Linux Mint.


    • Indeed it is, Becca. Not the K part but the *buntu. But I can understand John in so far as Mint went away from KDE and Kubuntu is its nearest brethren, the closest to KMint.

      As it so happens my hubby, too, loved his Kubuntu, only switched to Mate since – as a handicapped person – he had problems with the operation since Plasma 4 or 5, while in Mate everything is still fine for him. He can’t give less fux about the Ubuntu vs Arch debate, only switched to Manjaro since they, in typical fashion, have the bestest and prettiest layouts for their own spins on desktops. And Mate in its natural, uncurated state is nothing anyone would use for even a minute.

      I hope you’re still doing fine in life and on your Plasmanjaro. Or have you found something besterer by now?

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    • Happy to hear that. Ya, they are sending out a lot of updates lately, right? Just yesterday got system update, incl new kernel 6.2.9. And today already the next increment to 6.2.10. 😮 Feels more like vanilla Arch right now, not like the usually conservative Manjaro. Loving it! 🙂

      “happily cruising along 🙂”
      Better than struggling along, no? LOL Manjo is an oiled clockwork right now.
      /me’s knocking on wood, not to jinx my setup.


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