The End for Linux Mint?

No! Of course not.

Just because this little hobby blogger Orca kicked the Minty goodness off her list of recommended n00b distros hardly spells an end for this super influential and innovative heavyweight among Linux distros. The reason for Tom naming his video like it is, was caused by some dummy techwriter.

Look for yerself:

Ubuntu Cinnamon is now an official flavor, does that mean the end for Linux Mint? One tech author seems to think so, but what do I think?

#linux #linuxmint #ubuntu #cinnamon……

Let me make one thing totally clear here: Mint is better than Ubuntu! In all aspects. It basically is Ubuntu … but with added special sauce and racing stripes. The fact that Ubuntu has lifted Cinnamon to one of its official flavours status now proves Mint’s superiority. What the fairly small Mint team has come up within the last couple years was not just the very user-frenly Cinnamon desktop (particularly for people coming from Windows) but many useful smaller and bigger solutions to make our lives easier and help us to be the great human beings and freedom fighters we are!

Right? 😉


  1. The End for Linux Mint?

    When are ever right about any ‘Thang — never mind, humble me doesn’t want to see you blowing another fuse on your own blog.

    About 7,942,645,086 people on Earth. Roughly 7,330,000,000 worldwide mobile phone users. Just 47.1% of worldwide households had a computer in 2019 — 79% of households in developed countries had a computer (or computers) in 2019.

    In reality, Linux Mint never even started or never got off the ground as an OS anyway, so how could its “End” be near?!

    Outta 64 listed OSes on worldwide OS Market Share of Desktop/laptop OS user stats, by version, Linux Mint isn’t even listed. Here’s a quick sample: Chrome OS @ 1.06%, Windows 8.1 @ 0.81%, Ubuntu @ 0.31%, Windows 8 @ 0.16%, Windows XP @ 0.09%,, Windows Vista @ 0.02%, Fedora @ 0.01%, and Gentoo @ 0.00%. Most Linux OSes fall in a range below Gentoo’s 0.00% — WOW!!! 🤡

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    • I don’t even know how to react to your list of terribly insignificant facts … if those are even facts. But, same as you, I refuse to see an end for Mint. They are in the DW Top 5, whatever that may mean. 😉 As I said it is totally irrelevant. As a Linux user you’re not interested in user numbers, heck, I even know some people who are proud to belong to a terribly small circle of users. Me included.

      But allow me one question pleez: When ever did you see me blowing a fuse? I’m much too cool to blow anything. I’m a happy bunny on Manjaro Linux, I kinda like Mint since it is helluvalot nicer than Ubuntu and the devs are a very creative bunch with the users interests at heart.

      It’s all so kool.

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