Second Life Destinations – Unison

Eclectic underwater cyberpunk scifi. What’s not to like?

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Explore Unison, an eclectic and scenic destination in Second Life with thrilling experiences and a beautiful underwater world!

Unison is owned by three Residents: Mia (lobsterhead), Wishy (Wishmaster Delcon), and Jordie (loyalgirl1991) Mia and Wishy are the builders who have created Unison and Mia tells us that Unison exists because of their shared vision:

“It was as if Unison needed a key made of two fragments and we each had one. When we build together, words aren’t even needed, we each know what is needed.

We’ve both been in SL long enough to remember when it all felt a bit wilder than it does now when you really never knew what weird and wonderful thing you would see around the next corner. We wanted to recreate some of that, which is why our builds twist and turn, throwing new sights and experiences at you as you wander around. We love crazy color and light, we adore strangeness in all its forms, and we love it when someone turns up in one of our venues looking like a space cow or a cardboard cutout of a Moomin!

SL is all about boundless creativity to us. And it’s about freedom, to be who and what we want to be, to shape our own world around us, and to invite people in to share that world. It’s not a distraction from life for us, it’s simply a part of life.

We are so happy when someone enjoys Unison, when someone says Unison has inspired them to be more creative themselves, it honestly doesn’t get better than that.

Unison has such a variety of places to explore, all with their own aesthetics.”

Video Production by @Draxtor Despres

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