On the Occasion of that War

You know which, dontcha?

Errrm, US could outsource production to China. I hear they are making great product for cheap cheap.
The mills are milling slowly but producing a very fine grain.
This is textbook example of War of Attrition.
How often do we need to repeat Russian forces aren’t NATO, they don’t play to the peanut gallery. And why would they try to end fighting in Bakhmut? It’s a perfect cauldron and they don’t even need to move or recalibrate their artillery. Zelensky sends new troops in a steady flow … for the Russians it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. 😐
But it’s true indeed, and no Russian soldier would ever dismiss the Ukrainian army as weaklings.

Factually the war is over. The ill-advised long-term plan for the destruction of Russia didn’t work out. Please, Joe Biden give up your adventure in Eastern Europe, be a mensch and save tenthousands of lives.

You can take Hitler out of Germany but you can’t take Hitler out of Germans.

Very positive news! 🙂
Even more good news. But if Japan can do it, why can’t Germany?
Finally somebody says something. But nobody in parliament is listening to The Left party and by now it might be too late anyway. 😦 Russia and China don’t need Germany anymore.

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