Yesterday was Car Day

1st world probs in the 3rd world: I noticed this abomination in the gym’s parking lot. 😮 While I kinda like this seafoam green or whatever it’s called, and almost chose it for silly Oubaas, this ain’t a colour for an earnest super duper expensive AMG Mercedes! Africans have no style! Or more money than style. 😦
Oubaas was so shocked he forgot how to hoot. And also how not to roll down inclines with automatic in P position. 😦 So off to Koos’ garage we drove and had both repaired … again. :/ Life with an oldtimer is always full of – mostly negative – surprises.


    • Yeah, it’s a happy summery colour for an ice cream van. But in the end I decided on the kinda plain Azzurro, which is happy enough and stronger than seafoam. And for a sporty AMG it’s all kinds of wrong! 😐 I bet this colour was never offered by Mercedes or AMG but is special order. Anyhoo, it’s just silly.

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