Sunday Linux Philosophy: My Recommendation List

Good Linuxy day, my frens. 😉

Quite some time since we had one of those Linux talks, innit? I got the idea when, by some freak incident, I was rewatching the OldTechBloke’s video about EndeavourOS. In that video he was entertaining the thought of recommending EOS as first distro for total n00bs. 😮 And while I’m not behind such bold moves I must admit I, too, was thinking about shrinking my recommendation list, which currently only consists of two distros anyway, and compress it even further, into one distro.

And one only!

Yes, I know a list of only one item ain’t really a list anymore, right? It is something much cooler: It is the one Linux distro Orca recommends to you. Period. That’s it. Trust me, bro and all that. And that distro I wanna recommend from today onwards, no questions asked, no holds barred, is Manjaro!

Orca! You stupid ho! Phukked in the brain or wot? Wotz wronk wiff you?

LOL, if you know me you know there’s quite a lot wrong with me, but none of the wrong things do touch today’s subject. Actually, I think Manjaro can make a super beginners’ distro.

Let me (try to) explain:

  • Manjaro ain’t Arch. Well, it kinda is but it’s eezypeezy to install, comes with multiple desktops to choose from – yes, even your fave, Cinnamon and the actual bestest, KDE PLasma – and is lovingly curated. So after installation you’ll find yourself in a workable environment, not unlike the comfyness of Mint.
  • All the little niggles have been ironed out of Manjo by now. I was on that system pretty much from the very beginning, when they didn’t even have proper numbers for their releases but where still in the 0.something phase. It was already clear Manjaro would one day become beeg! But it was still a little wet behind the ears and full of problems. All that is sorted out by now and Manjo can pride itself on being one of the big kahunas, a fully rounded and very mature sytem!
  • Same as in Mint, you don’t need to use the terminal in Manjaro. They’ve got GUIs and little problem solvers for everything, often directly borrowed from the clever Mint team.
  • Unlike the Ubuntu-based Mint, you don’t need to worry about your installed system to ever be outdated and needing replacement in form of a new version. You install Manjaro once, and only once; and then you roll with it from update to update into the future-proof eternity. If you live a good life full of wise decisions your Manjaro machine will outlive you by several hundred years. 😉 Kool, eh?
  • Manjaro is on a very high level of stability and reliability. I’d say it’s on the same level as Debian and/or Ubuntu. C’mon, we’re talking about Linux here, being reliable is build into every distro’s genes. Even into Arch’s.
  • The updates are nothing to be afraid of. Manjaro has much less of them as some other, closer to Vanilla, Arch-y distros, like EndeavourOS for example. We get one big update, like every fortnite, plus some smaller ones in the following days, and then you can enjoy your peace and quiet again. And the whole update cycle goes like clockwork. Zero problems! And if something goes wrong, you’ll just receive massage “Something went wrong, no updates were installed”, and you just keep on working like before the borked update. Your system will do just fine. A couple hours or days later you’ll get a new update and your Manjo will be on top of the world again. Never forget: The sytem maintainers are just humans. Better humans than you and me. But still only humans. As much as you love and adore katzus and doggos, I guess our Linuxes are better off in human care.
  • Apropos technical problems: The Endeavour forum comes highly recommended, the super frenly members and mods know they have many members using Manjaro. The technical probs are mostly the same. And the Manjo forum can be a snakepit and shows not much patience for n00bs, while in EOS forum they are happy to help you. No problem too small or silly.

So, just so you know: Imma gonna only recommend Manjaro from today on. No matter if you’re a total stoopid n00b or even a girl. What do you think? Am I too bold, maybe just krayzee, total plemplem? Or does my new recommendation list make sense?


  1. Manjaro, has become my daily for the last 6 months. With no issues. Im using the Cinnamon version. Added KDE connect to my andriod and Linux mint. Manjaro Plasma is my next install

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    • Thx very much Neil.

      6 mths, no issues, that’s a mighty long time in Linux. Not becoz Manjo isn’t reliably stable, it is, but usually it’s been played with, experimented upon, tormented and abused to death in momma’s basement, by destructively geeky boiz. As a 9 – 5 workhorse for real people it is as reliable as Debian. Ok, maybe not as a headless server OS but for the usual workload it’s as good as all the rest. I always ask myself one q in order to qualify the reliability and stability of a system: If I was J.K. Rolling, would I type out the next Parry Hotter novel on my Manjaro machine?

      I mean, yes! I would! (Wotz gud nuff for me blawg is gud nuff for silly childrens’ literature!)

      I envy you for installing Plasma next. You’re following our Becca in that regard, and she’s happy as a clam. I wish I still had the curiosity and patience to try it myself. But as long as I’m sufficiently satisfied with ye olde skole Mate DE I see no reason to ever switch.

      Anyway, 6 mth means you went thru roundabout 12 system updates, a handful new incremental kernel updates and a buncha new browser versions. All no small operations.

      Still … \o/ your Manjo survived! \o/

      So you’re okay with me turning my back on the Minty goodness as a recommended n00b system? Any reasons why I shouldn’t?

      Another q please, if I may: KDE Konnect = Warpinator???


      • It’s, like Warpinator on steroids. Not used it a lot yet, but it has more functions. Because I have a,lot of machines I still try other distributions.
        I think manjaro is complete enough to be a good windows substitute for most users.

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        • Plus you can install Warpi officially from the repo as well. No need to get it from some dark alleyway in the AUR anymore. Need to look if KDE Connect is also available.

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