Little Country, Huge Balls

Okay, South Africa is not so little, they are the most powerful nation on the African continent I guess. So what they say has some weight and impact. The good Naledi ain’t the most sexy foreign minister ever but she’s got beeeg ballz! And there is no need to give in to egomanic requests by American and European politicians – not when Russia and China, the much more powerful allies, are supporting you.

The collective West is struggeling. They are losing on all fronts and are panicking now. This makes them dangerous; particularly their mob leader, the USA. But they can only pose a short term threat and not stop the multipolar new world order for much longer. Right now America behaves like a trapped and wounded lion momma but she’s already powerless. The only way they can dominate the world ever again would be by doing the unthinkable.

Let’s all hope there are still some cool thinkers left in the White House, the deep state and the military. Else it’s game over. For all of us. 😮

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